1988 Me


I’m a retired semi-professional musician from the Fort Lauderdale area (relocated to North Port) with many years of performing experience. At different times I’ve been the 1st and 2nd Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards/Sequencing/Harmonica/Percussionist. Or Bass/Keyboards/Sequencing. Also Drummer/Percussionist. All of these positions including Backing Vocals (a specialty). Able to play along with a click track as needed. In recent years I’ve been in the drummer/vocalist spot with South West FL. working bands and first-call, fill-in drummer at Church of Saint Patrick in Sarasota Florida.

I’m also a graphic/computer/video artist designing promotional copy and “web presence” for bands such as business cards, banners, website development (and hosting) as well as Facebook administrating.

I have a home Digital Audio project studio, Rick’s Playpen, in which I’ve produced a few singles and CD’s with other artists/songwriters as well as performing/co-writing all of the instrumentation for their tracks.

On my BandMix page ( https://www.bandmix.com/rick524422/ ), I’ve uploaded rough early mixes of two solo-produced/performed audio projects, and I finally finished my first solo Music Video project “Comfy At Home”. It’s here on my home page and also on my Youtube channel “Comfy At Home Productions” here: https://youtu.be/EfULIt-jVLg

The information in my bio can be corroborated by many former band members, colleagues, and peers for whom I have great respect and admiration, and all are willing to support and give me good references on my Facebook page if requested.


Steely Dan, Yes (and their solo works), Genesis/Phil Collins, Journey, Kansas, Toto, Queensryche, Chicago, Heart, Eagles, Little River Band, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Joe Walsh, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Spin Doctors (especially Aaron Comess), Gino Vannelli, Starcastle, The Allman Brothers, Crosby-Stills-Nash & Young, etc., etc. The list is just too long and varied to post it all here, but you get the idea!

Equipment List (copy/pasted from my BandMix page):

Customized Line 6 JTV-69 Variax guitar and (digitally integrated) Line 6 HD500X Floor Pedal system. Fishman TriplePlay and FC-1 wireless midi system controlling a Roland JV-1010 synth module along with an Edirol PCR-500 Keyboard/Controller. Bugera 333-212 amp. Yamaha FGX730SC Acoustic. Breedlove Pursuit 12-String Acoustic Guitar. 1996 Fender/Squire Precision Bass. Nady UB-4 Wireless Headset Mic system and (modded) Shure SM57. TC Helicon VoiceTone Harmony GXT harmonizer. Expanded and customized Roland TD-9SX V-Tour Electronic Drums. Alesis SamplePad. Customized Behringer Eurolive B115 for drums stage amplification. Behringer Eurolive B205D vocal monitor.

The full studio list is as follows (and will be updated as needed):

Rick’s Playpen Studios – Equipment List

Computer and Recording Hardware:

HP Z220 CMT Workstation with 250GB SSD (OS), 500GB and 1TB HS Internal Storage and Project Drives
Intel Core i7-3770 3.40GHz CPU, 32GB of Ram, Windows 10 Pro / 64-bit
Golden Age Pre-73 Jr. Mic/Line Preamp w/ Rane FPE-13 EQ on insert
Mackie Big Knob Studio USB Recording Interface/Monitor Controller
LogicKeyboard “Designed for Sonar” QWERTY Computer Keyboard
KORG nanoKontrol Studio midi software Control Surface
Waves NX HeadTracker for VR headphone/room modeling
ART Tube MP StudioV3 Tube Mic/Instrument Preamp
Behringer Eurorack UB802 – 6 Channel Mixer
Furman PL-Plus Series II Power Conditioner
Western Digital 400GB External Hard Drive
Glyph “Studio” 2TB External Backup Drive

Recording Software and Plugins:

Sonar X2 Producer (with the following short-list)
VSTi Instruments:
Dimension Pro 1.2 – Sampler/Synthesizer
Beatscape – Loop Performance Instrument
Cyclone – Sample Looping Arranger
Rapture LE – Modern Electronic Synthesizer
DreamStation DXi2 analog synthesizer
Z3TA+1.5 – Wavetable Synthesizer
TruePianos Amber – photo realistic Grand Piano
DropZone – drag and drop Sampler (with REX support)
Roland GrooveSynth – and TTS-1 with Roland Library
Roland Virtual Sound Canvas VST and DXi
Addictive Drums 1.5.2 Multi-Out Studio Sampled Drums
Session Drummer 3 – Sonars’ Studio Drum Set
Cakewalk Studio Instruments – SI Bass Guitar,
Drum Kit, Electric Piano and String Section
Virtual Effects Plugins (short list):
SoundWorks Reference 4 Speaker/Headphone Calibration Mastering Plugin
Waves Abbey Road Studio 3 Plugin & NX HeadTracker Headphone Adapter
Celemony Melodyne Editor 5 polyphonic Pitch Correction Suite
iZotope Ozone 7 Tracking and Mastering Software Plugin Suite
PreSonus Ampire Guitar Amp/Effects Pedals Modeling Suite
PX-64 Percussion Strip (7 stage multi-effects processor)
VX-64 Vocal Strip (7 stage multi-effects processor)
Native Instruments GuitarRig 5 Amp Modeling Suite
LP-64 Linear Phase Mastering Multiband Compressor
Sonible SmartComp A.I. Spectro-Dynamic Compressor
Waves API 2500 Stereo Channel Compressor Plugin
VC-64 Vintage Channel (w/ sidechain capability)
ToonTracks EZmix & Mastering Suite bundle
LP-64 Linear Phase Mastering Equalizer
Waves CLA-MixDown Mastering Plugin
Waves Sibilance De-Esser Plugin
YouLean Loudness Meter 2
Lexicon Pantheon Reverb
Waves VU Meter Plugin
Waves StudioRack

Acoustica MixCraft 8 Music Creation Software with Expanded Instruments;
Alien 303 Bass Synthesizer
Lounge Lizard Electric Piano
MiniMogue VA
VB3 Organ
Messiah Synth
Impulse Synth

SoundWorks Reference 4 Speaker/Headphone Calibration Systemwide Software & Calibration Microphone
Sonic Foundry: Sound Forge 7.0


Yamaha HS 50M Powered Monitor Speakers with Yamaha HS 10W Subwoofer
Samson Servo 120a Studio Reference Amplifier powering a pair of >
Realistic Minimus 7 nearfield monitor speakers for cross-referencing
Sony MDR-V700 Studio Reference Headphones – (2)
Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Reference Headphones
Focusrite VRM Box Headphone Virtual Environment device
M-Audio IE-20 XB Professional Reference Earphones

Musical Instruments and related equipment:

Roland TD-9 V-Drums with expansion software & additional pads, used
for real-time midi trigger performance of Addictive Drums 2 software
through an M-Audio Uno 1 midi cable/interface. (Secondary computer
monitor/keyboard/mouse for session and drum tracking/playback control
at the v-drums location)
Rolls MA2355 Mixer/Amplifier (for stand-alone drum monitoring
through custom made monitor speakers and sub-woofer)
M-Audio Radium 49 Midi Keyboard/Control Surface for VSTi interface
Line 6 JVT Variax (guitar modeling) Electric Guitar (customized)
Yamaha FGX730SC Acoustic Guitar (customized/modified)
Breedlove 2014 Pursuit 12 String Acoustic Guitar
1994 Fender / Squire Precision Electric Bass Guitar
Bugera 333 All-Tube (preamp & output) Guitar Amplifier
Vox “amPlug” Headphone Amp AC30/Classic Rock
MOTU ZBox Impedance Matching Guitar DI
Tech 21 SansAmp Bass Guitar Active DI
FirstAct M2A-110 Guitar Amplifiers – (2)
Assortment of Hohner Harmonicas (all keys)


Gauge P.I. ECM-87 L.D. Mic w/ECM 87 Virtual Mic Locker Plugin Suite
Dynaudio EMM-6 Monitor Calibration Condenser Mic
Samson C03 Dual Diaphragm Condenser
Samson Go Mic USB Stereo Condenser
Samson C02H Condenser
Shure SM57 Dynamic
Samson Si1 Dynamic

Video Production:

Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 17 and NewBlue VideoEssentials 6 Suite
Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital HD Video & Still Camera and apps
ZOOM Q2-HD Handy Video/Audio Recorder & HandyShare software
GoPro Hero5 SFF Digital HD Action Camera and apps
GoPro Hero3 SFF Digital HD Action Camera and apps
SJ-CAM SJ4000 HD WiFi Mini Action Camera and apps
Akaso V50X HD Digital Video Action Camera & apps
JVC Everio GZ-MG21U Hard Disk Drive Camcorder
LensGo L8X Remote Control Video Auto-Dolly
Windows MovieMaker Pro HD software

Accessories and Additions:

Dell Inspiron 17 Laptop running Cakewalk Sonar X2 and Mixcraft 8, Virtual
Sound-Canvas and E-MU ProteusVX Sound Modules (for tracking VSTi samples)
SM Pro Audio “Mic Thing” Portable Microphone Isolator (ambience control)
Assorted microphone – keyboard and guitar stands, pop-filters, cables
and patching/routing adapters, etc…